Employee Stock Ownership Plan (ESOP)
Through tailor-made plans and trust structures that meet the needs of enterprises, Victory provides different management and administrative services for employee incentive plans to motivate employees′ active participation and performance.
Manage your employee incentive plan
ESOP (Employee Stock Ownership Plan) system

Through Victory's professional and comprehensive employee incentive plan management service and system, enterprises can effectively implement and execute the plan from design and implementation of personalized plan, administrative management, to processing of stock transactions for participants. Having a history of more than 50 years in Hong Kong, Victory Securities has made plans on asset management for enterprise clients, provided comprehensive solutions according to corporate needs and assisted enterprises in achieving their plans to maximize their value.

“Employee” is one of the important assets of an enterprise. In order to attract, retain and motivate talents and key employees, many companies have actively implemented and established “employee incentive plan” in recent years, which has become a common incentive plan for enterprises to improve the stability and loyalty of senior managers and core employees. The long-term incentive mechanism allows employees to hold their company’s stocks or options and share the company’s future yields and outcomes.

Employee incentive plan includes share award plan, stock option plan and share purchase plan. When setting up the plan, we often customize the content of the plan according to the industry characteristics of the enterprise and the needs of the enterprise itself, including the time limit, the timing of granting and attribution, the basis and scope of determining the participants, and the trigger conditions, such as the allocation according to performance or seniority, so as to achieve the incentive of employees' active participation and performance. The flexibility and customization functions of the Victory's ESOP management system are able to meet the settings and needs of various plans.