Brokerage Services
Victory allows investors to grasp every investment opportunity through a fast, stable, and globally accessible multi-asset class trading platform and a personalized order placement system.
Brokerage Services
For over five decades, Victory has been providing clients with a range of comprehensive securities brokerage services. Our safe and reliable platform connects investors with a direct gateway to the markets for easy trading, and your orders are always carried out efficiently by a team of investment specialists which means securing the best possible price for you. Whether you are building a unique asset portfolio or engaging our team to manage one for you, we will guide you to stay ahead of trends with the latest market information and analysis. In addition, Victory also provides "margin financing" services. By assessing investors′ affordability and prudently approving loan limits, we can reduce investment risks and help achieve investment goals according to the different needs of customers.
Hong Kong stocks and global securities trading
Clients can open a security account on the multi-asset trading platform provided by Victory, which is efficient, stable and globally accessible. Thus, they are able to trade securities anytime and anywhere, including stocks on the primary and secondary markets, options or futures, bonds on the primary and secondary markets and funds, and shares listed in Hong Kong, the Shanghai-Hong Kong Stock Connect, the Shenzhen-Hong Kong Stock Connect, United States, Canada, Japan, Singapore, Australia, Europe as well as other market products.
  • Victory has an order management system that meets the trading needs of different types of clients with a fast and stable trading environment
  • Backed-up by high-quality industry/individual share research, Victory can provide investors with support on forward-looking and market-oriented research
  • Victory has securities trading experts in Hong Kong, China (A-shares), the United States and Canada
Global derivatives brokerage: futures and options
We provide futures trading services to our clients. The service covers the major futures markets of the world, including NYMEX, COMEX, NYBOT, CME, CBOT, ICE, ICE Futures Europe, Eurex Exchange, SGX and HKFE. Futures products include fields such as foreign exchange, agricultural products, metals, indices, bonds and energy.
  • With presence in 10 major futures exchanges in the world, we can deal with all mainstream futures products globally
  • A comprehensive one-stop online e-trading system is provided to meet the client’s needs of convenient trading at any time
  • We support multiple currencies
  • We provide high-quality and professional client services
Securities Financing

Margin Financing and IPO Financing

Margin Financing and IPO Financing services allow you to have more additional funds for investment which helps you to get more desirable returns

  • Financing can provide you with additional funds of up to 60% of the market value of your holdings
  • Provide a variety of approved stocks for financing trading and have different financing ratios for choosing
  • You can handle financing transactions through various channels and check our platform′s real-time stock prices and market information
  • Provide more abundant liquidity to help you further grasp every investment opportunity
  • The leverage effect of Financing may increase the rate of return
  • Preferential financing loan interest rates allow you to save investment costs
  • Financing a subscription for IPO may increase your subscription amount and eventually increase the number of shares to be allotted